Getting Inspired

Being a designer (in the making) means we have to constantly be on the ball, thinking of new ideas and concepts that have never been dreamt of by mere muggles. However, the simple fact is that sometimes we creatives are just not inspired. I have recently been suffering with a severe bout of designers block (not sure whether this is actually a thing but you get my drift) which started after we received the brief for our new project: a high quality, printed scarf.

Now, I don’t really do fashion prints. Don’t get me wrong I’ve tried, many a time, but I always end up with a print that nobody in their right mind would wear. So this put the pressure on straight away. Thinking of past projects there wasn’t even a subject matter that I would consider revisiting to make into a fashion print. I was starting to panic, searching Pinterest noon and night and nothing was jumping out at me. Normally I have a series of ideas in the pipeline but there wasn’t one that fitted with this fashion brief. I was worrying that I was going to have to resort to something safe, a theme that had been seen a thousand times before and that bored me to death. Florals.

Thankfully my designers block eased up and the flood gates opened to let a tsunami of an idea flow in, one I’m really really excited about. I’m keeping my idea under wraps for now but a very special parcel should be arriving within the next week or so that will hopefully make things a little clearer.


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