Inspirational Arrival

It’s arrived!

The subject of my latest project is finally here. It felt like months ago that I ordered this gorgeous piece from Etsy. I couldn’t for the life of me find anybody selling them in the UK so I had to have it shipped over from America but it was definitely worth it. But what on earth is it? Well it’s a mould for making gloves. The date stamp on the side says Feb 01 1999 and the size is an extra large. And that’s all I know. Everything else is a mystery to me.

I first saw something like this in the window of HAY in Bath. They had a display of carved wooden hands in their window and I was really drawn to them but they quickly sold out and I’ve never seen them since. At that point I had no idea what they were apart from a decorative item for your desk or maybe to hang jewellery on. After doing some research trying to find one I quickly found out that they were glove moulds and set out to find one I could buy.

I love to find an unusual subject to work with on projects and I think this definitely qualifies as that! So now I can finally get on with my sketches after sorting out my colour scheme, basic layout, inspirational artists, etc.  and I’m so excited about it.


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