Dutch Design Week

This year I’ve had the amazing opportunity through university to visit Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven.

We arrived on the 16th of October late at night so that we were ready for the opening day starting at 10 the next morning. Armed with an event map and our cameras we ventured out into the city to see what we could find. The few things that we had jotted down as a rough itinerary quickly went out the window as we discovered how huge Dutch Design Week is and all the amazing things there are to see. From screen printing to furniture design, sculptures to fashion there was something for everyone spread over three different zones with shuttle taxis between them.

Over the course of the few days we were there I met many of the designers who were all very friendly and happy to answer any of our questions including a lovely woman from the midlands who was debuting a range of cushions for her website Scenery and an artist who worked solely with glass and was telling us how him and his wife were setting up for the show all night with their new born baby daughter.

There was so many inspiring things to see but I did have a few highlights including an old abandoned house that had been filled with the work of furniture designers from all over Europe including colour block bookcases and plush sofas in cheery hues. Also the shop Sissy Boy situated in the middle of Eindhoven in a billing bizarrely called ‘the blob’. Who knew such a strange sounding building could hold such a strange sounding shop that had such beautiful things in it.

I definitely hope to visit Dutch Design Week again in the near future and would recommend it to anybody that gets the chance to go and check out all they have to offer.


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