During our time in Holland we had the chance to visit the beautiful city of Amsterdam. I’d arrived with a very specific idea of what it was going to be like and the city completely shattered all of those misconceptions. For a start it’s huge! I don’t know why but I’d got it in my head that Amsterdam was relatively small but it’s really not. There is so much to see and so many different areas to visit. From museums to art galleries to antique emporiums to cool boutiques to those infamous coffee shops. We were only there for a few hours so there was no way that we were going to be able to fit in everything that we wanted to do so we just had a wander around and popped into some of the amazing boutiques hidden in the side streets all over the city (where I bought the most dreamy scarf known to mankind).

The best part of the visit for me though was the architecture. I had recently read a book based in the 16th century in Amsterdam called The Miniaturist, which I really do recommend to anybody who loves to get lost in a book, which is about an illusive dolls house maker who lives in Amsterdam. Walking around the town felt like I was in the book. The buildings are so dolls house like that they don’t look real. Especially the ones that are leaning over and cracking and seemingly sinking into the ground. Even on a grey day they looked beautiful. I think I can honestly say Amsterdam is one of the most awe inspiring cities I’ve ever been to. It’s so modern and fresh and youthful yet it has so much history and so many stories to tell. I can definitely sense some inspiration for a future project brewing.

I’ve already booked to go back for a few days at Easter and now I can’t wait. There’s so much more that I have to see and I’ll actually have time to do it!


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  1. Next time try to visit the Textiles museum in Maastricht. It is amazing.


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